EV DH3 diaphragm


Replacement diaphragm for EV DH3 & 2010 drivers


This is a replacement diaphragm for EV DH3 & 2010 drivers. The equivalent EV part number is 81514XX. This is an exact drop-in fit.

  • 8 Ohm Replacement Diaphragm
  • The best-quality aftermarket diaphragms available
  • The same top-quality components that other top sellers sell, but at a better price!
  • FREE 2-3 DAY SHIPPING within the U.S.

Fits the following drivers:

EV 2010, 2010A, DH2010, DH2010A, DH1202, DH2305, DH3, 81514, 81014, F1202, FM1502, FM1202ER, FM1202, S1202ER, SH1502ER, SH1502, SH1512, S152, S1803ER, SX200, SX300, 81014XX, 81397XX, 81498XX, 89858XX, 81397, 81498, 89858, 81514XX


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