Refoaming service on most major brands

Refoaming is the procedure that replaces the deteriorated foam with new, fresh resilient foam. The older foam formulas would loose resiliency and crumble from a chemical reaction with the ozone in the air. After 15 or 20 years depending on the areas humidity, the foam would break down and deteriorate. The voice coil and spider suspension were not attacked by the atmosphere and would remain undamaged. Replacing only the foam is a low cost way of preserving the original speaker driver sound as close as possible.
We have done many thousands of refoams since 1980. We use the updated foam formulas and the best adhesives available. We provide quick turnaround times. You will find that our refoam speakers will sound as good as they did when you bought them decades ago. Our prices are very competitive.



$25  4″ | 4-1/2″ | 5″ | 5-1/4″

$30  6″ | 6-1/2″ | 8″ | 9″ | 10″

$40  12″ | 15″




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